What is Google My Business Account And Why You Need (2022)

Google My Business (now called Google Business Profile) is a free service from Google that allows companies to manage their local business listing page and get discovered online. It helps customers find local businesses through maps, reviews, and other tools. Google Business Profile lets you add information about your company, including hours of operation, contact info, directions, and even a photo.

A Google Business Profile listing is a great tool for local businesses to promote themselves online. It also provides a way for them to connect with customers. This means they can get feedback on their services and improve their customer experience.

How To Get Your Google Business profile?

Lets go step by step on how to create, setup and manage your Google Business Profile. Process is quite simple and profile can be created in matter of minutes.

1. Once you have created your Google account, select 'Business Profile' from Google Apps and Create a Google Business Profile. You’ll need to verify ownership of your business. To do this, you’ll upload documents proving ownership of your business.

2. After verifying ownership, you’ll want to fill out your business details. Include basic information about your business, like address, phone number, website, and hours of operation.

3. When you’re done filling out your business details, you’ll be able to choose a category for your business. Categories help people find businesses based on their interests. If you’re looking for something specific, make sure to select the right category such as Retail, Restaurant, Services or anything else.

4. Finally, you’ll have to provide some additional information about your business. This includes uploading a logo and adding a description of what makes your business unique.

5. Now that you’ve finished setting up your Google Business Profile, you’ll receive a confirmation email. Click the link in the email to complete the verification process.

6. Once verified, you’ll start seeing results. Congrats! People searching for your business will now be able to find you.

7. You can also access your Google Business Profile from your mobile device. App are available for both Apple iOS App Store and Android Playstore.

Why You Need a Google Business profile?

1. Customer Engagement

Google Business Profile allows businesses to engage with their customer by creating posts, event, offers, sending messages, frequently asked questions (FAQs) and responding to customer reviews.

These are invalues tools to keep you business connected and engaged with customers. It’s important to remember that every interaction with a customer is an opportunity to build loyalty and trust. And the best way to gain insight into customer behavior is through Google Business Profile listing page.

2. List Your Products and Services

Whether you’ve got an online storefront, a mobile app, or a brick-and-mortar location, your profile helps customers find you quickly and easily with menus, quotes, reviews, services and more.

For Example, you can highlight available services such as Delivery, Store pickup, In-store shopping, Restaurant Menu, Website Link and event accept food order.

Apart from connecting with customers, Google's Business page is also a good way for companies to promote their brands and products. As the second-most-popular search engine on the web, Google has an impressive reach- both online and off. Promoting your company on the page makes sense if you want 137 it wants people to associate your company with positive keywords like quality and trustworthiness. In addition, adding company logos helps create an appealing visual representation of your business.

3. Business Profile Performance

Discover what keywords people are searching to find you, and gain insights into customer behavior to help you understand how your business connects to them.

This is very powerful and lets you understand trends, number of interactions such as phone calls, website visits, messages, booking and more.

4. Marketing to Local Customers

Google Business Account is an excellent way for small businesses to grow and stay competitive in today's marketplace. It allows small businesses to keep contact information current with current customers and shareholders. In addition, Google Business helps small businesses manage their inventory, customer accounts and sales records. By increasing transparency in these areas, small businesses improve both their internal operations and customer service standards.

The website provides a great mechanism for contacting businesses directly- which is particularly helpful for small business owners with limited marketing budgets. As can be seen, promoting your business on the Google Business page makes perfect sense if you want people to contact you or purchase your products or services.

Regular updates keep interested customers informed about your company- which helps build your brand and promote your products and services effectively. At the same hand, adding links to your website helps you rank well in search results for related terms. No matter what type of business you have, the Google Business page has plenty of value for everyone involved with the industry!


This is a free service that helps local businesses gain visibility on Google Search and Maps. The goal is to provide customers with accurate and relevant information about a business.

In addition to being useful for customer service, Google Business is also effective for local marketing campaigns. Consumers use it to find local businesses or send messages directly to the businesses themselves- increasing brand exposure and creating new customers. Small businesses should consider signing up for Google Business profile if they want to take advantage of its many benefits.

Essentially, Google Business Listing is a marketing and customer relations tool for local businesses.